What is Aqualyte?

Aqualyte is a hypotonic, low sugar, fluid and electrolytes replacement hydration drink which is rapidly absorbed, preventing the undesirable effects of dehydration on health and performance.
Hypotonic solutions differ from widely recognised Isotonic drinks. Low solute concentration HYPOTONIC solutions promote faster cell membrane absorption than Isotonic drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks or plain water. When a cell is exposed to such hypotonic conditions, there is net water movement into the cell and so too the blood supply meaning faster body hydration.

Our scientifically derived electrolyte concentrations make Aqualyte the High Performance Hydration drink for the prevention of dehydration.

Research shows Hypotonic solution drinks can be absorbed faster than isotonic drinks or plain water. This helps prevent feelings of fullness or bloating in the stomach. This in turn creates an uncomfortable distraction whilst at work or during sport, exercise and competition.

With fewer calories, Aqualyte is appropriate for prolonged use and is a healthier alternative to other sports drinks and energy drinks. Formulated to replace the electrolytes lost in sweat, Aqualyte helps maintain hydration and therefore neuromuscular performance. It’s a great recovery drink.

Aqualyte Hypotonic Electrolytes drink is a cost effective, convenient alternative to ready made bottled drinks. Carry a few sachets with you, simply adding water and mixing when required.