Sport Hydration

Sport Hydration

The low sugar content of Aqualyte hypotonic electrolyte allows prolonged use for sport hydration and is a far healthier option compared to other sports drinks.

It has been shown through our own research dehydration of even as little 1-2% can cause deterioration of both physical and mental performance by up to 6-7%. So even a small amount of dehydration can affect training and recovery or adversely affect competition performance.

The ability of Aqualyte to be rapidly absorbed prevents the feeling of fullness or bloating in the gut that can often occur when drinking during exercise or competition. This rapid absorption helps you consume what you need without discomfort. Aqualyte’s mild natural flavours help avoid the after taste of sweeter drinks. Learn More >

Aqualyte drinks are also lower in acidity than most other sports drinks.

Aqualyte is a convenient and  cost effective alternative to ready made electrolyte drinks.
Carry a couple of sachets of the Aqualyte powder in your bag and just mix with water when required.

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