Workers Hydration


Aqualyte hydration drink has been researched and scientifically designed for use by workers over a prolonged time period – be that days or weeks.
The hypotonic electrolyte make up of Aqualyte promotes rapid absorption and prevents heat-related illnesses caused by dehydration, thus maintaining productivity.
The original need for a product such as Aqualyte became evident after extensive front-line research investigated the effects of dehydration on the performance and longer term health of underground miners.
Aqualyte’s benefits are important for all types of workers exposed to hot environments and the dangers of dehydration.

Hydration is critically important. Workers unable to regulate their body temperature effectively risk the detrimental effects of heat-related illnesses or having an increased risk of workplace accidents due to mental and physical fatigue. Appropriate re-hydration is fundamental in reducing this risk.
Hydration in Mining Enviroments

The primary way in which the body loses heat is through sweating and evaporation cooling. This bodily process keeps our body temperature regulated. For workers in hot environments, if fluid lost through sweating is not replaced, they become dehydrated, thereby reducing the body’s ability to lose heat through sweating, so body temperature will ultimately rise.

Workers can sweat an average of 600ml of fluid per hour, thus performing 10-12 hour shifts may require the replacement of up to 6-7 litres of fluid per day. Aqualyte’s understated flavouring is very palatable making frequent consumption of this large volume of fluid more achievable.

Used as a hypotonic solution electrolyte drink, Aqualyte’s rapid absorption into the body helps prevent feelings of fullness or bloating in the stomach. This further helps workers to consume greater volumes replacing the fluid lost through sweating.

Hydration sample packWhether you are in the harshness of the mining or construction industry, a tradesman or simply working outdoors in the summer heat, Aqualyte is a quality, cost effective drink for the prevention of dehydration.

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